Here are a couple of memories viz Eunice Shriver.

She drove Peace Corps Washington staffer Norman Shavin so batty when he escorted her on a Volunteers trip to Jamaica that he resigned and returned to Atlanta to be a tv columnist.  I took his job as Deputy Director and, unlike Norman, established a kind of friendship with her.

One day early in my Peace Corps tenure I got a call from Mary Ann Orlando, Sarge’s secretary, inviting me and and my wife Anne to lunch at Timberlawn (their home) on a Sunday.  We showed up while Sarge and the kids were still at Mass, of course.  At lunch, Eunice asked Anne what she did to get our kids (1, 2 and 3) to drink milk.  “I give them Bosco,” she said.  “So do I,” said Eunice, and things went swimmingly from then on.  (Although I had hurt my back falling off a horse a few  months before and was useless in the touch football game after lunch).

Years later Eunice was  at the Univ. of Miami giving a grant from the Kennedy Foundation to a U/M children’s foundation.  A Herald photographer, Bob East, was there to take her picture giving the check to then President Henry King Stanford.  She didn’t like East’s suggestions.  So she said – and this was at least 25 years since she had seen me – “if Dave Pearson were here he would know how to set this up.”  East later told me he said, What?  And she said, Doesn’t he live in Miami?

About 15 years ago Sarge was here at an ABA Awards dinner for Chesterfield Smith, in a human rights award ceremony.  At the cocktail party before the dinner, a crowd was circled around Eunice in the ballroom foyer where drinks were served.  Anne and I stood on the periphery.  After a few minutes Eunice caught my eye and walked through the crowd to us.  “Hello Pearsons,” she said, “how nice of you to come.”  As she and Anne began to reminisce (Bosco milk), she asked how the children were now.  “Two of the three have married foreigners,” Anne said, one to a Cuban girl, and one to an Argentine boy.  And are the cultural differences huge!”  “I know what you mean,” Eunice said, “my daughter Maria married an Austrian.”